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In the second episode of the Student of the Game podcast, Nolan invites Josh Hash, the founder of Strength Side to discuss how he got started as a trainer, the importance of consistency, matching your lifestyle to your career, overcoming self-doubt, and the value of having a coach.

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Show Notes:


0:32 - How Nolan discovered Josh and his content


2:40 - The main message is using physical practice and what you do with your body to help fuel self-growth… “the thing is bigger than the thing”

  • What are you doing currently that is pushing you past your limits


4:30 - Role that basketball has played in Josh’s life

  • Played 3 sports in high school and played basketball in college
  • Enjoyed the process of becoming better at basketball and putting in the work
  • Finding his love of learning and having a “coach”  


7:33 - Importance of consistency 

  • Posting a video a week on YouTube consistently for 4 years
  • First 3 years still not having an audience
  • As Josh grew as a leader and in self-growth so did the channel
  • Still trying to grow and learn 


12:20 - Reaching 250k YouTube subscribers

  • A year ago at the same time being at 50k subscribers
  • Reaching 15k subscribers around year 3
  • You can make a living on youtube with a much smaller following 
  • Wishing he would have focused on Strengthside fulltime earlier rather than having it be his “side project”


15:40 - Going Viral, what was different about the video 

  • Instead of acting like an expert, he came from a place of being himself and people responded well to that
  • Decided to make his ideal audience the younger version of himself 


22:22 - Matching your lifestyle with your career

  • The influence traveling played in changing his lifestyle
  • Not being able to go to the gym while traveling taught him how to lift in other ways and 
  • Becoming more of a minimalist


31:40 - Diving deep into your passions

  • Committing is the key


34:15 - Josh’s daily routine

  • Every morning he meditates outdoors to get in a place where he’s inspired, he has a cup of coffee and journals to get into the right headspace followed by some movement
  • Winning the morning 


43:00 - Technology and being more connected than ever

44:30 - Social media, the great experiment of our generation 

  • Device addiction
  • How Josh handles his social media usage
  • The balance of using it and having someone else manage it
  • The best ideas come away from devices


53:00 - How Nolan’s fascination with growth fits into the hip-hop industry


56:25 - Josh and Nolan’s appreciation for Big Sean and how he intertwines self-growth into his art


1:03:00 - Navigating collaborations in the music industry

  • The simplest way to go about it is artist to artist 
  • Best way to do it is growing genuine relationships


1:07:15 - Creating what you know will be successful vs creating what you want to share

  • The difference between going wide with an audience or going deep with an audience
  • Perception is reality… once you hit it big once everyone expects it to keep happening even if it’s not what you necessarily want to do 
  • Developing that cult following 


1:12:47 - What is your favorite failure?

  • Josh used to have a youtube channel when he was in college where he would vlog his workouts called “Ball so Hard FItness”
  • Realizing now it was a creative outlet
  • The realization that once he was more aged as a person he could do this


1:20:00 - How to get over self-doubt

  • It never goes away but you train that skill of sidestepping that self-doubt
  • It’s like a muscle that you need to train
  • “Fake it till you make it”


1:21:40 - Advice to other YouTubers and the critics

  • One negative content at times can outweigh a thousand positive comments
  • When someone is willing to reach out negatively, they aren’t in a good place, so the best practice is to just show love and compassion
  • How you handle it is also a reflection of the place you’re in


1:25:51 - How the pandemic has affected KYLE’s album plans


1:30:36 - Things Josh has going on

  • Lately, a lot of follow-along content to help people workout during these unprecedented times
  • Move Strong Now Program, which is a 90-day strength and mobility program


1:35:00 - Advice for others who have fitness goals

  • Write down a goal and list your “because”, list the reason why you want it and through this, you enter an interesting territory of finding out what you’re really looking for 
  • ex: wanting bigger biceps may stem to just wanting more self-worth, which you can find through other means


1:36:00 - Goal setting practices

  • Recommend looking into Jordan Peterson’s course on goal setting 
  • It’s the practice on getting more clarity of what you may actually want


1:38:00 - Needing a coach

  • There are people out there who have done what you want to and they can help you get there sop much quicker than on your own
  • Having that objective point of view is so important 
  • It’s important to have coaches in various aspects of your life 
  • Investing in yourself is putting really good energy in the world


1:41:20 - Coach vs mentor

  • A coach is being paid whereas a mentor donates their time
  • Showing interest and willingness to learn is a great way of getting a mentor


1:59:00 - Nolan’s relationship with Mac Miller

  • Started off as an intern on the Mac Miller tour with Pac Div
  • This inspired Nolan to take management seriously
  • Running into Mac Miller a couple of weeks before his passing 
  • Gave Nolan the opportunity to thank Mac Miller
  • Testament of giving people flowers while they can smell them

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