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Student of the Game: Colin Tilley

Nolan Smith Blog Podcast

In the first installment of the Student of the Game Podcast, Nolan Smith is joined by his friend Colin Tilley to discuss his career as a director/filmmaker, the role his parents played in becoming a leader, lessons he’s learned along the way, and growing his production company, Boy in the Castle.

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Nol's Book Club Vol. 1

Nolan Smith Blog Book Club

I've been promising these book recommendations for too long, and I think I finally figured out the best way to go about this... *drumroll please*... lol it's actually not serious at all... 

So I'm gonna send out this email to you quarterly (plz hold me accountable) and it's going to include the following:

- Books that I've read recently and recommend

- An *NBC Classic* = a book that has changed my life

- What I'm currently reading and what I'm gonna read next...

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31 for 31

Nolan Smith Blog

For my 31st bday I wanted to write one of those powerful “31 things that I’ve learned while on earth” posts where people list out the all the shit that they know forsure. But when I gave it a little more thought that sounded SUPER daunting because I know enough to know that I don’t know shit. And even the little shit that I do know I have to learn over and over (& over) again. So instead, im gonna make this a little more doable for myself and copy & paste 31 notes I jotted down in my evernote in this past year and give you a little context on each note. Look out for book/podcast recommendations etc. anything thats underlined is clickable.


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(2) Options

Nolan Smith Blog

The truth is we really only have (2) options...

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