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Nolan Smith

I’ve been ruminating on this “project” (lets call it) for well over a year now and I think its about time that I get out of my own way and just let it flow.

Being a ‘Student of the Game’ is the journey.

I heard a quote recently, “At some point in your life you either become obsessed with what you know or what you don’t know. The rest of your life will be shaped based on which one you choose. ” This caused me to reflect on which side of the coin was I actually on - ouch! It also encouraged me because it reminded me that we have a choice!

I’ve always found it easy and loved studying things that i’m passionate about; Sports/Athletes as a kid, Music/Biz as an adult (nothing school-related lol). But recently I realized that I was basing a lot of my self-worth on “knowing” things. In short, I thought that knowing stuff made me worthy of love. What I do KNOW now is that couldn’t be further from the truth (more on this later…) “Knowing” also stops the learning process - “you cannot learn what you think you already know”.

My overall curiosity and passion for learning has opened up countless doors for me and made my life better in so many ways its hard to even quantify. Learning from fellow humans is my favorite. Seeing someone else who looks like you (more or less), with the same amount of hours in a day, achieve things that seem to be impossible or superhuman is one of the most inspiring things and proof that you (or me) can do it too. The crazy thing is, these people are all around us. Lets learn from each other!

SOTG is an effort to share all of the “valuable” stuff i’m studying in the worlds of (but not limited to…) spirituality, health & wellness, art, business, lifestyle design and anything else that I find interesting or that aids the human experience.

It will be a collection of ideas, blog posts, podcasts, book recommendations, philanthropy, laughs, cries (!) events (?), merch (?), but most of all, something that provides tremendous value for you, and serves as an outlet for me.

Oh - I almost forgot to introduce myself! Im Nolan Smith, 30 years old, from Ventura, CA but living in Los Angeles, CA. I manage artists in the music business by day (and also by night lol), and I am (trying to be) a Student of the Game all the time.

The Student & Teacher in me recognizes and honors the Student & Teacher in you!


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